Available now at Amazon, AppleNook and Kobo

Available now at Amazon, Apple, Nook and Kobo


Hollywood, California

The land of dreams…  and the land of blood. 
Someone is targeting America’s A-list actors in a horrific crime spree that brings new meaning to the term: “Must-See-TV.”

When Nick Tremaine and his team are hired by a powerful studio executive to investigate the Red Carpet Murders, they discover that in Tinseltown, being famous is a nightmare.   Long-buried secrets bubble to the surface, and truth seems stranger than fiction as Nick enters the world of Hollywood’s leading movers and shakers.

To get to the bottom of these heinous murders, Nick will have to dig up dangerous secrets in his own past as he tries to catch a killer who is always one step ahead... and determined to win.​.

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Cate Bancroft has it all--a loving husband, an extravagant home in Greenwich, Connecticut, and a fulfilling career as a restaurateur. When she goes missing, her father calls in a favor from former Black Ops agent Nick Tremaine.  As Nick digs deeper into Cate’s luxurious life, he uncovers a web of secrets the Bancroft family will do anything to protect.  But when Nick discovers that Cate’s disappearance is somehow tied to his own dark past, he’ll have to risk it all before time runs out for Cate and her family.


​When truth and lies intertwine, it’s a deadly combination…

When a woman from Nick Tremaine’s past makes a desperate call for help, he finds himself back in The Big Easy investigating a baffling mystery.  Nick and his exclusive private investigation firm, Phoenix, are quickly drawn into a labyrinth of long-buried secrets that some will kill to protect. As Nick tries to get to the bottom of the threats and harassment against his former lover, he realizes nothing is as it seems in the hot, sweltering city of New Orleans.

Nick Tremaine has seen it all.  As a former Black Ops soldier, he's risked his life for his country and served on top-secret missions all over the globe. Now a civilian, Nick is the owner of PHOENIX, an exclusive private investigation agency that caters to the rich, famous, and powerful. 

But Nick and his highy-trained operatives have secrets of their own... secrets some wouldn't hesitate to kill for.

The WATCH ME Series


​                  AVERY HOLT